World of Pets Super Absorbent Pet Towel
₦ 4,200.00 ₦ 4,200.00 4200.0 NGN
The perfect solution for drying your furry friend after bath time or a swim. This pet towel is specially designed to absorb water quickly and effectively, leaving your pet dry and comfortable in no time.
It is made with a unique microfiber material that is ultra-absorbent, able to hold up to 7 times its weight in water. It's also lightweight and quick-drying, making it perfect for frequent use. Its large size allows for easy and efficient drying, especially for large breeds.
This pet towel is easy to clean and maintain, simply toss it in the washing machine and it will be ready to use again. It's also versatile and can be used as a blanket, mat or a cover-up after a swim in the pool.
World of Pets Lint rollers
₦ 3,000.00 ₦ 3,000.00 3000.0 NGN
The World of Pets Lint Roller is the ultimate solution for keeping your home and clothing free of pet hair. This lint roller comes with a 2-pack of refills, so you'll always have a fresh roller on hand. The adhesive is specially formulated to pick up pet hair, dust and lint, leaving your surfaces and clothes looking like new. The handle is ergonomically designed for comfortable use, and the compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go use or for quick touch-ups around the house. Don't let pet hair take over your home, get the World of Pets Lint Roller today and enjoy a cleaner, more comfortable living space.
Talk to the Paws Shirt
₦ 5,000.00 ₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN
Smart Choice Car Seat Cover
₦ 10,000.00 ₦ 10,000.00 10000.0 NGN
Pet Hair Rubber Band
₦ 1,000.00 ₦ 1,000.00 1000.0 NGN
Pawbeam Laser Cat Toy
₦ 4,500.00 ₦ 4,500.00 4500.0 NGN
Luxury Pet Blanket (100 * 120cm)
₦ 12,000.00 ₦ 12,000.00 12000.0 NGN
Lint Roller
₦ 3,600.00 ₦ 3,600.00 3600.0 NGN
Large Fleece Pet Blanket (150 × 200cm)
₦ 6,500.00 ₦ 6,500.00 6500.0 NGN
Pet Car Seat Cover
₦ 17,000.00 ₦ 17,000.00 17000.0 NGN
[ Dirt protection, comfort layer ] - No more dog car backseat covers that cracks. Our 4-Layer Seat Protector uses the latest materials & technology to combine amazing comfort, style, & safety into one super-easy-to-use cover that doesn’t slip, slide or leaves dirt or scratches. With 4 unique layers made from waterproof cotton and PVC, our seat covers for dogs will protect your seat from pawprints & punctures.
[ The perfect fit ] - Whether you drive a MINI or a Monster Truck, this durable dog seat covers for cars can be adjusted to suit all cars, trucks & SUVs. You can turn from a dog car hammock to standard bar scope and use our cover as a load cover with a maximum open size of 54" x 58" + extra side flaps
Swirl Lint Roller (60 Sheets)
₦ 3,600.00 ₦ 3,600.00 3600.0 NGN
Pet Towel (70 by 140cm)
₦ 6,000.00 ₦ 6,000.00 6000.0 NGN
Bone Shaped Titanium Name Tag Large
₦ 5,000.00 ₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN
Bone Shaped Titanium Name Tag Small
₦ 5,000.00 ₦ 5,000.00 5000.0 NGN
Cat Harness Dress 1.0
₦ 5,500.00 ₦ 5,500.00 5500.0 NGN
Cat Harness Dress 1.5
₦ 6,000.00 ₦ 6,000.00 6000.0 NGN
Cat Door
₦ 8,000.00 ₦ 8,000.00 8000.0 NGN

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